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  • Sheron Latibeaudiere

Why Your Clients Paint Colour Is NOT Selling their Home

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

There is no question that paint colour makes one of the biggest impacts in a space! Realtors and Stagers have been faced with the obvious question when starting the process of preparing their property for the market...

To achieve maximum buyer appeal & actionable interest ... “To paint or not to paint?” This blog is about the answer to… “that Question!”

Renowned Colour Expert, Maria Killam gives her answer to her version of this question in a blog post titled “5 Reasons Your Paint Colour is Not Selling Your Home”. She is a social media influencer with over 76,000 followers constantly seeking her advice! Her many titles include decorator, author, speaker and internationally sought-after Colour Expert.

After reading the article myself, I would have to agree with ALL 5 points! I see these mistakes constantly being made - whether or not the home is being prepared for sale. Here are what I found to be the two main takeaways.

Know what colours are current, know what people want, and cater to that!

An example was given, of an old, dated kitchen with major negatives from BOTH a staging perspective and a design remodel perspective. The kitchen finishes were dated, the linoleum floors did not match with the 70’s style sunshine ceiling & fluorescent lighting- and nothing connected with the bad backsplash.

We all know that the money is in the kitchen, so when selling, we can not ignore these points.

The best thing to do in this case, where the budget does not exist to do a total remodel, we inject the kitchen with a fun and CURRENT colour on the cabinetry to intentionally distract from the negatives like the mismatched floor and countertops.

The colour used in the article example was a darker indigo blue. See the BEFORE & AFTER pics for reference and tell me ... what you think?

Also discussed, as a general rule, when you have large kitchen islands, add something pretty on the countertop. The purpose of accessorizing is to always have something pretty to look at from every angle.

Understand foremost the look and feel of the room and home.

In my opinion, this point can not be overstated. If a homeowner’s true intention is to present the home in the BEST possible way there should be consistency throughout your presentation. For example, in the case of a contemporary style loft - it should be presented with contemporary style furnishings. If not, things look disjointed and as a result, will NOT present in its best regardless of whatever colour paint is chosen.

For the full article by Maria Killam see the link HERE. She provides detailed examples of at least 5 Reasons Your Paint Colour is NOT Selling Your Home.

In a time of unprecedented conditions combined with successes in the real estate market, the more you understand the challenges the better off you will be.

I’m Sheron. You Real Estate Marketing Specialist.

"Thanks for listening!"

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