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Is Blue Here to Stay?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinetry is both timeless, practical, and works well with almost any style and trend!

No homeowner wants to invest hundreds if not thousands of Reno $$$ into a kitchen remodel upgrade only for it to be trending today but gone in a year to 2 years from now.

Blue is a colour that is favoured among interior designers, and will be just as attractive the first day you installed it in your kitchen, as it will be five to ten years into the future!

Let's take a look at some examples highlighted from the Houzz Article “6 Beautiful Kitchens” Overall, the article has a few main takeaways:

1. Dark Blue cabinets contrast extremely well with whites countertops

2. Sky blue cabinets contrast well with whites and browns.

3. There are many ways to show style through texture.

4. Lighter shades of the colour blue can be paired with grey or darker shades such as deep brown and black.

5. Light shades create an atmosphere of fun, playfulness and airiness. They are perfect for small kitchens that want to create space

You can watch My 3 min. Video Summary below!

If you are interested in reading the full article from Houzz titled: 6 Beautiful Blue Kitchens, either send me an email request to


in addition to any questions, you might have and I will answer them ASAP! Or just double-click on the Houzz icon below.

If you are interested in doing a kitchen remodel, contact StageIt.One and we will connect you with our network of outstanding professionals, like experts from Moda Kitchens and paint selections and colour consultations from Ajax Paint Centre

If you are Renovating with an eye to Sell in the near future, here are another 6 Points for you to Consider

Buyers gravitate to a more neutral colour and design scheme that are clean, tranquil, and accented with the right balance and proportion of colour

Sacrificing Storage! The minimalist kitchen design, featuring no upper cabinets, and open shelving, offers a clean look, getting rid of too much cabinetry leaves buyers wondering where they will keep everything. In this case, the less-is-more approach is not for everyone

Focus on timeless updates, which makes it easier for realtors to sell

A dramatic dark kitchen reno is not the first choice of most realtors. Dark hues and even all black kitchens look sleek but again, not for everyone.

Bold wallpaper can make a bold statement but can be off-putting to some buyers

DIY Don'ts! Armature kitchen renos tend to show, and the inevitable mistake could end up costing you more time, more money, and stress than hiring a pro! You will also avoid code breaking haphazard renos, that could bring down the value of your home when it comes time to sell it!

This article was written by

Sheron Latibeaudiere

Founder, and CEO of StageIt.One Inc.

Official Website: www.StageIt.One / (647) 313-3454

"It's not our intention to simply Satisfy, or just Please our Customers, Our Intention is to AMAZE them!"

-The StageIt.One 2021 Mission

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