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Psychologist Rank Moving one of the Top 5 Most Stressful Events
people face in their Lifetime!

Customized Packing & Moving Services can include the following. The extent of each service ranges from basic level to Premium Packaging. Requirements are Unique to Your Needs.

Truck Rental
Storage Unit
Professional Packing Service

Our corporate partnerships with Uhaul, MakeSpace, and GTA Movers allows us to match selection with service

Provide both in-house & localized storage facility for convenience & security

Effective packing is a trained skill that our professional packers are equipped to prevent damage to your items

Storage Boxes & Bundles

Provide ample boxes of all sizes, including cardboard and plastic bins.

Storage Supplies Kit

Storage Supply Kits contain the necessities including: bright bold FRAGILE stickers, tape, blankets & more.

Online Auctioning Service

Our social media mini-team will help get rid of items you want to sell on Kijiji ads, FB ads and other online tools

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